Joint Repair Systems

National Urethane Industries (Pty) Ltd have formulated and developed a full and comprehensive range of field joint coatings and casting repair products.

  1. Ultracote ™ 400B199BC is a two component brush grade repair and field joint coating system.  Ultracote™ 400B199BC is directly brush applied to the prepared steel substrate and parent coating with excellent adhesion taking place.  
    Ultracote™ 400B199BC is a primeless brush grade product and is sold in 1Kg and 5Kg kits.

  2. Ultracast™ 400B199MC field joint casting system is used in conjunction with a patented flexible mould (SA Pat. Appl. 2011/04366) developed by National Urethane Industries (Pty) Ltd Technical Team.

    The flexible mould (SA Pat. Appl. 2011/04366) ensures that it can be used in a small confined space such as a “fox hole”, as the mould fits easily and effortlessly around the prepared pipe.

    The casting procedure ensures limited product wastage as no spray or overspray occurs.  Ultracast™ 400B199MC is a primeless casting system and is sold in 5Kg and 10Kg kits.

  3. Polyshield™ cartridge 400B199PC is supplied in pre-weighed 600m? cartridges.  The 600ml cartridges fits onto a small compact spray gun which can be used in areas of limited space.  The Polyshield™ cartridge 400B199PC is pre-heated to 60ºC and positioned onto the mobile compact spray gun with spraying taking place in seconds due to its ease of use.  No solvent is required to clean the equipment as when the cartridge is finished, it can simply be disposed of in the appropriate manner.

National Urethane Industries (Pty) Ltd field joint coatings and casting systems are marketed and sold in South Africa by Denso SA.

Denso SA
Contact:  Andrew Stuart
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Cell:  082 920 5136    

National Urethane Industries (Pty) Ltd
Contact:  Donovan Slade
Tel:  (011) 974 – 9300
Skype:  urethanes

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